Longway Hammer T Løbehjul Bar
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Longway Hammer T Løbehjul Bar

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The Longway Hammer bar is feather-light while strong as steel at the same time. With almost 500 gram less weight than regular Chromoly bars, the Hammer T-bar is by far the lightest steelbar in the whole scooter world. The highly developed manufacturing process and the special steel alloy ensure maximum material stress and at the same time a minimum weight. This bar is comparable in weight to titanium, yet at the same time robust and affordable. The RAW version is the pure look in steel optics, without any further surface treatment. Thin, visible lines or flash rust are intentional and do not affect the quality or durability of the bar.


This bar is compatible with the Standard HIC and SCS compression systems
An SCS sleeve is included with the bar to eliminate the slit and make it SCS compatible
Remember to choose a bar that has the height and width that you prefer to ride


Kompatibel med: Standard HIC, SCS
Bar-ends kompatible med: Stål
Bar højde: 650, 700mm
Bar bredde: 610mm
Bar materiale: 30Cr-Mo
Bar ydre diameter: 35mm (Oversized)
Bar indre diameter: 32mm
Vægt: 965, 1005g
Bar design: Two-piece
Bar Form: T-formet
SCS adapter medfølger: Ja
SCS Ready: Ja