Native Advent V2 6

Native Advent V2 6" Trick Løbehjul Deck

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Millimeters of perfection

The Advent V2 deck by Native is all about achieving the perfect feeling while riding. Every millimeter of the deck has been carefully reviewed and optimized by the professional Native team, and the end-result is a pro-rider worthy deck, ready for you to shred.

Grind-friendly design

Keep them crook grinds going with the curved crook-groove, locking-in and making it way easier to go the distance. The Loc-Fast deck ends works as pegs while maintaining a high durability throughout the entire construction.

Box-cut shape with flat sides and bottom for extra smooth board slides
Increased concave from V1 with foot-hugging properties for a great feel and control
Replaceable Loc-Fast deck-ends keeps the boxed-shape boxed and allow long grinds
Adjust the height of the in-built Omni fender to make it fit the wheel size you're running. Also notice, that it's possible to remove the fender without affecting the rest of the deck.


Deck bredde: 15.2cm (6")
Deck længde: 55.9cm (22"), 58.4cm (23")
Hjuldiameter: 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm, 125mm
Hjul nav bredde: 24, 30mm
Vægt: 1990, 1770g
Materiale: Aluminium 6061
Materiale Behandlingskvalitet: T6
Deck design: One-piece
Dropout Form: Box-cut
Konkav: Ja
Headtube vinkel: 83°
Headtube længde: 110mm
Headset-type: Integrated 1 1/8"
Deck spacers: Inkluderet
Bremse type: Fender (Brakeless)
Bremse/Fender: Inkluderet
Bremse monteringsbolt: Inkluderet
Hjulbolt: Inkluderet
Aksel diameter: 8, 12mm
Griptape: Ikke inkluderet