Powerslide Elite cast AL Frame 275/4x90 Black
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Powerslide Elite cast AL Frame 275/4x90 Black

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For ultimate inline skating performance, look no further than the Elite 90 - 275 Black TRI frame POWERSLIDE. Made of high-quality A356 aluminum coming in at a length of 275mm, this high-performance frame is an ideal frame for skaters with larger feet wanting to reach new speeds. Engineered around the renowned TRINITY mounting system, the frame attaches to the boot with three points of contact which creates a channel that brings the wheels close to the boot in order to bring the wheels as close to the foot is possible. What you get is a low center of gravity, excellent control, and efficient power transfer with every stride while reducing vibrations. No two skaters are the same and the POWERSLIDE Elite 90 - 275 Black TRI frame features the X-slot mounting slot that enables you to shift in all directions to match your individual skating style. Whether you’re into inline urban freeride, fitness, speed skating, this innovative frame is a great option.


10.7" / 275mm
Frame Material:
Frame Mounting Standard:
TRINITY 3-point mounting
Max. Wheel Size:
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM):
10.8" / 275mm
Frame Setup:
Standing Height Front / Rear in MM:
83,5mm / 94,5mm
Frame Axles:
Single axle, steel, 8mm, hex 4mm
Frame Spacer:
Built in and CNC machined
Adjustable Side to Side:
Adjustable Front to Back:
Frame Construction:
3D wrap
Frame Manufacturing Process:
3D cast
Included Accessories:
AL spacers, mounting screws, tool - hex 4mm
Brake Option:
Wheel Setup: