Powerslide Trinity 4x80mm Skate Frames
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Powerslide Trinity 4x80mm Skate Frames

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Say hello to the pinnacle of casted frame performance, it’s the Elite 80 - 243 Black TRI frame from POWERSLIDE. With a length of 243mm and able to accept 4x80mm wheels, you get super strong, stable, and responsive frame that will bring your inline skating experience to a whole new level. Crafted of the highest-quality aluminum and perfectly constructed to have a low center of gravity, the Elite 80 - 243 Black frame is strong, responsive, and ready for intense inline skating in almost any type of inline skating - urban freestyle, fitness, and even hockey. The POWERSLIDE Elite 80 - 243 TRI Black frame is engineered around the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system that delivers a host of benefits you simply can’t find anywhere else. The TRINITY system connects to the boot with three points of contact, bringing your wheels close to the foot to provide a low center of gravity and superb stability. POWERSLIDE’s TRINITY mounting system also reduces vibrations while giving you smooth, efficient power transfer in every stride. The TRINITY system also features X-slot mounting allowing you to customize your frame position forward and back, and side to side in order to further augment your skating performance. For the ultimate 4-wheel inline skating experience, the POWERSLIDE Elite 80 - 243 Black TRI frame is the way to go. This awesome frame is available in black or white colorways.


9.6" / 243mm
Frame Material:
Frame Mounting Standard:
TRINITY 3-point mounting
Max. Wheel Size:
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM):
9.6" / 243mm
Frame Setup:
Standing Height Front / Rear in MM:
72,0mm / 83,0mm
Frame Axles:
Single axle, steel, 8mm, hex 4mm
Frame Spacer:
Built in and CNC machined
Adjustable Side to Side:
Adjustable Front to Back:
Frame Construction:
3D wrap
Frame Manufacturing Process:
3D cast
Included Accessories:
AL spacers, mounting screws, tool - hex 4mm
Brake Option:
Wheel Setup: