Powerslide Graphix LED Inliner Hjul

Powerslide Graphix LED Inliner Hjul

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Brighten up your night time skate sessions with the Graphix wheel by Powerslide

Be noticed, when skating in traffic or on any Friday-Night-Skate-session, with a vivid LED wheel that will not only light up but also display cool graphics. A USB-rechargeable light sits integrated into the core and has 7 LED lights inside.

No magnetic spacer

Powerslide quickly noticed that the magnetically activated LED wheels would bring rolling resistance as well, which is why this light-up wheel is USB-rechargeable instead.

Replacement LED units will be available
Sold as a single wheel.


Hjuldiameter: 100mm, 110mm
Hjul hårdhed: 85A
Kuglelejer og spacers: Ikke inkluderet
Hjul per pakke: 1
Kerne materiale: Nylon
Vægt: 156g