FF Rollerskies V Pro Classic 2021

FF Rollerskies V Pro Classic 2021

Varenummer: FF_4000_VPRO.CL
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FF V Pro Classic is our flagship classic rollerski. The FF V Pro Classic features the famous V-groove wheel, which makes the rollerskis exceptionally stable and directionally predictable (they go straight). This makes double poling, and especially diagonal striding much easier.

The FF V Pro Classic take advantage of a vulcanization technology that fuses the fork to the frame without any metal to metal contact. This process produces a natural flex through the frame and fork. This translates to a much more “agreeable”, pleasant, and “gentler on your body” rollerski session.

FF V Pro Classics produce a dampening effect (see above), allowing us to make and use harder and more durable rubber for our wheels. In addition, the specialized fenders (that are mated to the design and shape of the wheels) create ventilation that dissipates heat generated from wheel friction against the road. Hence the rubber does not heat up to the same degree resulting in less wear and tear on the wheel.

These innovations make the FF V Pro Classic the complete rollerski for those who are seeking a safe, reliable, and predictable rollerski session.


Vægt: 1900g
Længde: 720mm
Hjulbredde: 43mm
Hjuldiameter: 73mm
Rullemodstand: 2
Dæmpning i ramme: JA
Binding inkluderet og monteret: JA
Skærme inkluderet og monteret: JA