Roces Classic Color Roller Skates
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Roces Classic Color Roller Skates

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Classic roller skates in a color-matching design

'The Classic Color Roller Skates by Roces are designed for youngsters who are about to take one of their first strides into the world of skating. They're easy to ride for the first time and comes in a fashionable and colorful look with color-matching wheels, toe-stopper and upper.

Technical features

Smaller wheels with medium precision bearings for a controlled speed
Lifted heel construction, makes tipping-over less likely
Upper and tongue made from synthetic leather
Frame made from light nylon


Hjuldiameter: 54mm
Plate-materiale: Plast
Støvletype: Kunstrulleskøjtning, Semi-soft, High-top
Lukkemekanisme: Snøre
Kugleleje præcision: ABEC-5
Hjulbredde: 32mm
Nav bredde: 24.8mm
Aksel længde: 32.6mm
Hjul hårdhed: 85A
Støvlemateriale: PU-læder
Inderstøvle materiale: Textil
Bremse: Ja
Anbefalet til: Udendørs skøjtning