Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax IFP 18/19 Langrendsski Klassisk

Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax IFP 18/19 Langrendsski Klassisk

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These top of the top Speedmax classic cross-country skis are built with Fischer's reliable and powerful twin skin made of 100% mohair. This means that you don't have to add wax in the kick zone - the skins will provide you with precise and powerful grip.

Twin Skin Speedmax are as good as it gets - and when talking about Fischer skis that means top performance. These skis are for skillful and powerful skiers that want's to race and compete.

They are premounted with IFP (Integrated Fixation Plates) binding mounting plates for Turnamic bindings. Note that it is not possible to mount other bindings than Turnamic bindings.

They are built with the Classic 902 camber construction. This ensures noticeable pressure relief at the tip and tail of the skis and the DTG world cup Plus Coarse base structure is a deep base structure that is suitable for coarse-grained and moist snow at temperatures of 32°Fahrenheit (0°Celcius) and warmer.

Due to the Cold Base bonding, these classic cross-country skis have good properties for absorbing glide wax in order to provide you with the best glide.

Multiaxial Carbon fibers in the tip and tail of the skis combine tough and low weight properties and with the Air core HM carbon, you get a powerful setup for your races.

Recommended: Choose a ski that fit the skier's weight + a ski length approximately 25cm higher than person length.

Ski length vs skier's weight:
197cm, medium - 60kg - 74kg
202cm, medium - 70kg - 84kg
202cm, stiff - 80kg - >90kg
207cm, medium - 75kg - >90kg
207cm, stiff - 85kg - >90kg

Notice: When purchasing both skis and bindings from us, we mount your bindings for free. If applicable, add your boot size as a comment to your order.