Powerslide Arise Marathon Inline Skates

Powerslide Arise Marathon Inline Skates

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Beat your personal best marathon time with a pair of long-distance Arise skates

The Arise Marathon Inline Skates by Powerslide are designed for long-distance training sessions and competitions. They're made with speed, comfort, and support in mind, allowing you to go fast and far on your sessions without getting tired too quickly.

The stiff and stable carbon-based boot, Trinity mounting, and magnesium frame provide great power transfer and control at all times while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Technical features

Large 3x125mm 85A UHR wheels with fast chrome ABEC9 Wicked bearings
3D-casted 12,5" magnesium frame - super lightweight
Trinity 3-point mounting system, providing great balance, control, and power transfer
Shell made from a light and reliable mix of carbon, fiberglass, and basalt
Stiff mid-cut boot with great lateral support
Adjustable 4mm from side to side and 8mm from front to back


Hjuldiameter: 125mm
Frame-materiale: Magnesium
Støvle/Skal type: Varme formbar
Inderstøvle detaljer: Indbygget, Med snøre
Lukkemekanisme: Snøre, Mikro-justerings spænde
Kugleleje præcision: ABEC-9
Hjul hårdhed: 85A
Frame-type: Fuldt Justerbar, trehjulet
Hjulbolt hoved: Ø8mm
Hjulbase: 318mm
Maks. hjuldiameter: 125mm
Støvlemateriale: Carbon, Fiber, Basaltfiber
Cuff: Stabil, Høj ankelstøtte, Mid-cut
Montering: Trinity
Vægt: 1280g
Maks. brugervægt: 100kg
Anbefalet til: Speed skating, Træning skating